You are the Priority. You are the Experience.

You are why we’ve been helping Large, Medium and Small Enterprise and Government customers, countrywide, since 2003.

Because you need:

Someone with More Than 30 years of Experience creating ICT strategies

For Corporates, Enterprise and Government

That Align to Business Strategies

We advise you on getting Practical IT Solutions

To meet your Current and Future requirements

With Level 1 B-BBEE.


The Human Element

We helped a large government organisation with the sale of its billion-rand fibre network.

We routinely create tender specifications.

We occupy advisory panels.

We know Government’s processes and how suppliers operate.

We understand that sometimes a printer is your most important IT asset.

We know sometimes you need a strategy and infrastructure from the ground up.


Your business journey is dynamic. Your technology needs are too. We walk beside you, with our team of professionals, to pull your destination closer.

Business Solutions, Mobility, Infrastructure, Security, Services. But, most importantly, people. Because you’re human.

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