Business Solutions

We want to help you Integrate business services with applications and hardware that connect people to work smart. Leverage Analytics, optimise your Operational Processes, and unlock the potential of your Digital Business.




Managed Services

Cyber Security

Connectivity + Telecommunications

Business Availability

Hardware + Software

Employee Productivity

Do you want business solutions that help you do business better?

Connectivity & Mobility

Distributed operations and working from anywhere require solutions that are Mobile, Flexible, and Always On. Get secure, adaptable solutions that connect your Offices, your People, your Datacentres, your Customers, and your Suppliers for mobility and connectivity that never stops.

Internet & IP Transit

Unified Communications & Voice Minutes

National Long Distance Connectivity (NLD)

Layer 2 Access - Segmented Networks for Dedicated Services

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Flexible Private APN Solutions

Data Centre Collocation & Transit

Cloud Transit (Azure & AWS)

Mobile Contracts

Last Mile Connectivity

FTTH & LTE Remote Working Solutions

Network Management & Monitoring

Enterprise WAN Solutions

Data Contracts

Do you want always on business with the flexibility to operate from anywhere?


Do you want infrastructure that supports your business strategy? Get the Optimised wired and wireless Infrastructure in Cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions, that deliver the Insights you need to make a difference. From the data centre to the cloud, the edge and beyond – go where you Need to Go.

Data Centres


Cabling and Infrastructure

Thin Client

Integrated Systems

Do you want technology solutions that support your business operations?


Get Resilient. Get Secure from the edge, through the Cloud, to your Core. Do business Uninterrupted. Be safe yet accessible. Because you need Security that supports your business.

Security-driven Networking, dynamic Cloud security, AI-driven security, and Zero-Trust network access

Firewalls, secure Wireless, Cloud security, Endpoint, Email, and Remote Access security

Digital Forensics


Managed Security, Data Recovery, E-discovery

Professional Services, Assessments, Health Checks, and Consulting

Penetration Testing

Do you want responsive security that’s safe yet productive?


Combine People, Processes and Technologies through tailored services to leverage your digital advantage. Top advisory Consulting, skilled technical Execution, and deep Support. Get Control, Visibility, Optimised efficiencies and guaranteed Availability.

Disaster Recovery

Managed Services

ICT Management Consulting

Network Management

Technical Services

Tender Evaluation

Project Management

Support Services

ICT Policy and Process Mapping

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